Markonia is a micronation with identity, culture and laws. Whilst its claims of sovereignty may not be recognised by other countries, it nevertheless exists in the hearts and minds of those who choose to consider themselves its 'citizens'.



Markonia does not claim any land as sovereign territory. Instead, it recognises the individual's right to self-determination. Citizens often choose to regard their personal property as being within the abstract territory of Markonia.



...does one join? Markonia actively encourages new citizens, anyone who shares Markonian values may join. Play your part in keeping the dream alive. (Why not? Its free!)



Individual Responsibility, Collective Accountability

Markonia is a genial and environmentally stunning nation, remarkable for its lack of crime, strong social conscience and disproportionately high number of eccentric denizens. The compassionate democratic population enjoy considerable personal and economic freedoms while the political process is open and the right to vote is held sacrosanct.


The small government based in the capital city of Markopolis takes a back seat in daily life. The Markonian economy is fairly diversified and dominated by tertiary industry.


The currency is the Markonian Pound (M£) and pound sterling (£ or GBP) is also widely accepted. The official language is English.

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Markonian websites:


The official website of the Government of the Republic of Markonia


The Markonian News Network provides all the latest news and official notices


Citizenship4U - The fast-track immigration application service from the Immigration Commission


The Markonian Space Commission leads on extra-terrestrial exploration


Symbols of State - Revered and respected, the official Symbols of State are protected

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